‘journeys of resonance’ exhibition in swindon

20 11 2011

Three newly graduated, Swindon based, professional photographers are holding an exhibition at the Post Modern Gallery to showcase recent bodies of work and commissions, encapsulating many genres of photography.

There will also be the chance to view images which were exhibited at their recent London exhibition, held at the Truman Brewery Gallery, Brick Lane.

“Journeys of Resonance” is a unique opportunity to view and purchase exciting new pieces of art work. Running from Thursday 24th – Mon 28th November 2011 at the Post Modern Gallery in Swindon.

A thought provoking and enjoyable exhibition, not to be missed!

I will be exhibiting work at this exhibition & showing much of the work you see below, as well as other projects.

Please do come along & check it out. Free admission & all welcome.

Any enquiries about the exhibition please email: journeysofresonance@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!


graduation exhibition 2011

21 06 2011

Our Graduation Exhibition is being held at the Old Truman Brewery Gallery, Brick Lane, London. It is called ‘Nine Lives’ and is part of the annual Free Range Art & Design Graduate Show from 24th – 27th June 2011.

Please do come along and check out our work. I will be showing my ‘Running on Empty’ series – see below.

For more info about the exhibition go to http://www.free-range.org.uk/

running on empty (living with an invisible illness)

21 06 2011


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or M.E is an illness which affects over 250,000 people in the UK. Despite the amount of sufferers, there are many misconceptions surrounding it. From the ‘yuppie flu’ label of the 1980’s to the ‘lazyitis’ label of today, it is an illness which is often misunderstood.

The effects are wide ranging. The most severely effected are bedbound and unable to feed or care for themselves, whilst others are housebound or wheelchair bound, and others are able to manage their daily life around the limitations and effects of the illness.

It affects people of all ages and backgrounds and yet for many is ‘invisible’. This is because it is not obviously seen. A sufferer may ‘look okay’ despite the debilitating effects of the illness on their body.

The severity of symptoms varies from person to person and can fluctuate on a daily basis. The main symptoms are: severe and debilitating fatigue, painful muscles and joints, sleep disturbances, severe headaches, poor memory and concentration, sensitivity to noise and light, cognitive problems, sleep disturbances, swollen glands, problems with temperature control and gastric disturbances.

The majority of sufferers were fit and well prior to the onset of the illness but the combination of symptoms and their effects bring a drastic and debilitating change. For children and young people, education can be severely disrupted, and for those of working age, employment may become impossible. Social and family life become severley restricted and daily life is an insurmountable challenge.

Running on Empty

This photographic series was created to highlight how sufferers are affected and to bring visibility to this ‘invisible illness’. Through collaboration with sufferers and their families, health professionals, ME Specialists and Charities, it seeks to create new understanding by breaking down misconceptions of this often misunderstood illness.

Through interviews with sufferers, their families and health professionals, common threads of symptoms, misconceptions, the effects, and the struggles of living with the illness became clear. These are highlighted throughout the work and hopefully bring new and fresh perspectives.

ME sufferers are not lazy hypochondriacs, but are strong determined people, trying to live their lives in a positive way, whilst battling with a debilitating illness.

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Thank you

My thanks go to all the sufferers, their families, health professionals and charities who have been involved in helping to create this series. You are an inspiration!

portraits of swindon railway workers

21 03 2011

Swindon is a town which was built around the Great Western Railway. In the late 19th and early 20th Century the majority of people working in Swindon were either in the Railway Works or in an industry which supported it. The Great Western Railway affected the make up and character of the town and during its heyday the Railway Works employed over 13,000 workers, covered 323 acres and employed generations of Swindonians. Sadly, the Works were closed in March 1986. 

I chose to explore portraiture and representation within the context of this railway heritage, by taking a series of portraits of retired railway workers. These workers are a living history of a bygone era when the Swindon Works was the best railway works in Europe.

My intention was to capture the pride of being a ‘Swindon Railway Worker’ which each of the people I interviewed, talked about. These 5 portraits are of Steam Locomotive Drivers and are part of this larger body of work, where portraits were taken of over 40 workers, encapsulating many aspects of the skill and craftsmanship within the Swindon Works.

I was humbled by the experience of getting to know these men and women, and listening to their stories. My hope is that these images show the pride that they conveyed and give every person the dignity and respect that they each deserve.

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objects with braille

21 03 2011

These 6 images are part of a larger tactile series about visual impairment and braille. Each of the photographs is of a product or everyday object which is easily recognisable by touch alone, either because of its texture, depth or specific shape. Underneath each photograph the letters spelling out that object are typed out in braille. Each photograph has a dark background and is lit in a particular way, with a small area of sharp focus, to visually represent how it might feel to have limited vision.

advertising archetypes

21 03 2011

All photographs tell a story. For some the narrative is obvious and in others we have to look a little harder. This series explores the concept of the photographic narrative within advertising archetypes. The subtext of many advertisements are the archetypes or aspirations and dreams that we buy into which are used to sell us products – a warrior, an adventurer, the lover, the creative, the caregiver, the outlaw, the magician, the sage etc.

 These images look behind the subtext by creating a narrative within each, inviting the viewer into the frame to question what the story is.

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swindon parks

23 04 2010

This project was about the cultural landscape of the city. Swindon is a place which has had a lot of negative press, but it also has many positive aspects which are not reported. I surveyed over 100 Swindonians asking them to name 5 things which are great about the town. Overwhelmingly the top results were its parks and gardens.

My images were taken in the 3 most popular Parks/Gardens from the survey using a medium format camera and black and white film. I wanted to take photographs of the parks from new and interesting angles, in a way which hadn’t been done before, so looked at the natural life of the park and rather than visitors and activities becoming the subject, my subject became the park itself and the environment it creates.

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